Professional Coaching

Coaching is a complicated process and relationship. It is not simply giving you a training plan or analyzing power files. Your coach is your advisor, your researcher, your trainer, your tactician, your psychologist, your confidant, your task-master and your friend. In effect, your coach takes on your athletic goals as their own. This allows you to focus your energy on training and recovery, while your coach tries to optimize all the surrounding circumstances to support your success. Finally, a good coach will have the experience and expertise to shorten your learning curve and get you to your goals sooner than you could do on your own.

Working with Winkler Coaching involves

PLANNING: Season planning is a key part of the goal setting process keeping you motivated and directed

TRAINING: Physiological development through specialized workouts based on season and individual requirements

DATA ANALYSIS: Using power and heart rate to monitor all aspects of your athletic progress: efforts, work, and recovery

READINESS TRACKING: Active monitoring of objective and subjective markers of fatigue to avoid overtraining and stagnation

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Work on bike handling and other related skills to minimize your limiters





per month starting price


per month starting price

  • Pro Level Coach
  • Custom Training Program
  • Weekly Training Program Adjustments
  • Weekly Workout & File Analysis
  • Weekly Coach Communication Via Phone/Email/Text
  • 24hr Responsiveness
  • Pro Level Coach
  • Custom Training Program
  • Unlimited Training Program Adjustments
  • Daily Workout & File Analysis
  • Unlimited Coach Communication Via Phone/Email/Text
  • On Call Responsiveness
  • Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks Premium Account
  • Readiness Assessment (may be limited to Boulder athletes for some assessments)

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